Executive desk
Having an executive desk is not just for very important people, but being one does make them seem more “executive”. As you may know, the most successful people in the world work behind a desk, and that is where they make millions, sometimes even billions of dollars. But is it really the desk that makes a person successful, or is there something more than that?

Here are some of the most influential people today, and a brief description about their desks. Hopefully, they will teach you how to properly use an executive desk.Arianna Huffington‘s (Editor-in-chief of Huffington Post) uses an antique table as a desk in her office. The thing that makes her desk different from the others is that there is a huge stack of books on top of it, and there are more behind her in bookshelves that are overflowing. She also has a huge untinted window beside her desk where the offices of her employees are located. She says that it is her idea of being transparent because not only can she see what her employees are doing, they can also see what she’s doing as well.On the executive desk of Craig Newmark, the founder of Craiglist, you will not find a lot of paper. The reason for this is because most of his documents are online, and some may be in the hard disk on his computer. The one thing that catches the eye of most people who visit his office is not the huge computer screen that he uses for work, but a small Homer Simpson figurine. Homer Simpson, as Newmark points it out, was his former role model. Newman says that he just kept this figurine on his desk because he has not found one of his current role model, Grandpa Abe Simpson.

In its core, an executive desk is nothing more than a fancy, and very expensive table, it is the person sitting behind the desk that actually makes things happen. So if you are looking for a good executive desk for your home, you do not need to emulate those of famous people, just choose the one which strikes your fancy. Remember that it is up to you to make that desk work, so if you will only be using it to store your documents and for browsing the internet, then you would be better off buying a filing cabinet and a cheap computer table. Discover more at http://www.grandhomedesign.com/interior-home-improvement/popular-roll-top-desks-from-ashley-furniture-and-wilshire-furniture/